Recent AC Technologies You Should Have

The air conditioning (AC) industry is producing better products by the day. If you are unsure of whether to replace or fix your malfunctioning AC, you may opt for the replacement route once you understand the available features and functions. Below are some of the AC technologies that have emerged in the recent past.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are focal points for AC operations. The thermostat receives and sends signals to the AC unit to control the cooling output. The thermostat also displays the temperature reading to help you control the temperature.

Mechanical thermostats, which require manual operations, are some of the oldest forms of thermostats. These thermostats don't offer precise temperature control and also lack a number of features that modern thermostats have.

For example, smart thermostats that have internet connections are a fairly recent development. With a smart thermostat, you can program the thermostat, control the thermostat remotely, and even allow the thermostat to automate its operations after it has 'learned' your cooling trends.

Zoning Systems

Zoning systems allow independent temperature controls of various areas of the house. Traditional AC systems were designed to control the temperature of the whole house from a single location. This is despite the fact that the systems had to produce the same cooling output for different parts of the house.

Such single-point control is difficult to implement since different parts of the house have different needs. For example, a kitchen that experiences lots of cooking is at elevated temperature than the rest of the house — such a kitchen may require a lower cooling output than the rest of the house.

A zoning system allows the AC to effect different cooling outputs for different parts of the house. This means, for example, the bedroom upstairs, the kitchen, and the living room can all be cooled to different temperatures. Independent cooling is not only energy-efficient, but it is also comfortable due to precise temperature control.

Variable Blowers

The AC blower gets air circulating into different parts of the house. The original blowers only ran at a single setting, which means you could only put them 'on' or 'off' — no in-between settings. Multi-stage blowers, an improvement over single-stage blowers, have different stages of cooling. Apart from the 'on' and 'off' positions, you can also set the blower to 'low' or 'high' speed depending on the cooling you need.

Variable speed blowers are an improvement of both single-speed and multi-speed blowers. For variable-speed blowers, you don't have to choose between discrete points of cooling – you can set the cooling mode to any position you want. This level of control gives you a precise cooling control that is also good for your cooling energy efficiency.

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