Don't Avoid Air Conditioning Maintenance Including Changing Air Filters

Some homeowners do not realize the importance of changing their air filters as a part of air conditioning maintenance. They assume that they only need to get their filters changed at the time of HVAC servicing. Changing an air filter is something that the average homeowner can do on their own as long as they understand the frequency that they should change it. Not changing your air filter as recommended can cause a number of problems. At some point, you will probably notice some issues with the way your AC system performs. The following points will help you understand some potential outcomes if you neglect to change your air filter.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Perhaps you have noticed spikes in your cooling costs. Dirty filters impede properly cooled air from circulating. This results in the AC system needing to work harder in an attempt to cool a dwelling space. The harder an AC system has to work to perform, the more likely it will require more energy to cool. Even if you have a top-notch AC system with a high energy efficiency expectancy, a dirty filter can counteract its performance resulting in high energy bills.

Poor Air Quality

This is extremely important if you or someone else in your home has allergies. Some homes have indoor air quality that is contaminated and the homeowners do not realize that dirty air filters are one of the culprits. Dirty air filters will probably circulate dust in your home. They can also produce other allergens into the air and impact the quality of the air. Circulating these allergens throughout your home is something that you may not notice initially, but imagine breathing in air that is more polluted than the air outdoors.

Mechanical Failure

Proper maintenance is a necessary requirement if you expect your AC to last for many years with minimal or no repairs. You need the professionals to perform tasks such as duct cleaning and tune-ups. However, you need to ensure that you or someone else changes your air filters. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to better understand the importance of changing your air filter. They can also show you how to perform this task between your recommended service appointments. If you have a doubt about how you are placing your system at risk, they can provide even more reasons to help you understand the importance of changing your air filter.

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