How To Best Balance The Air In Your Home

All homeowners with a central air conditioning system should fully understand the concept of air balancing. Air balancing increases air conditioner efficiency and helps to improve the performance of the unit. It also helps ensure enough tempered air gets to each room of the house. The following are some ways to balance your home's air.

Change the Air Vents

The best way to balance the air is to open and close the air vents. Doing so will help open or restrict air flow into each room. You should never completely close the air vents, or you could cause your air ducting to leak. If you have multiple stories in your home, changing the air vents can help dramatically.

Cover the Windows

You can also make an impact on your air through covering your windows. The windows significantly impact the temperature of your indoor air. If your windows are not covered in any way, the air inside will get very hot or cold, based on the outdoor temperatures. You can help negate the outdoor air temperatures by covering the source.

Pay Attention to Your Electronics

Electronic equipment can put off some major heat in a room and cause it to heat up quickly. If you have a lot of electronics running at one time in a room, particularly when the thermostat is in that room, the air in that room will be much hotter. To better balance the air, move the electronics away from the thermostat area as much as possible. When the electronics are on and putting off heat, the warmth will cause the thermostat to cycle artificially. This will then affect the air temperature in the rest of the house.

In the warm weather, the air conditioner will cycle on continuously to keep the hot room cool, while the rest of the house is freezing. In cold weather, your room with electronics will be comfortable, but the rest will not be adequately heated. In addition, the constant cycling will ultimately damage your entire HVAC, as it could eventually suffer wear and tear faster than it otherwise would.

Leave the Fan Function On

Most thermostats have a fan option, typically with off and on settings. If you leave the fan on continuously, your air conditioner will better circulate the air in the home, even if the air conditioner is not currently running. You will then have a more comfortable home without worrying about some areas being colder than others. You can also save some money on your energy bills by running the air conditioner less frequently.  

If you continue to have issues, contact a local air conditioning repair company.