4 Scenarios Where Ductless Air Conditioning Makes Sense

Ductless air conditioning systems offer an interesting alternative to the traditional central air conditioner. You may be wondering why anyone would choose such a system instead of sticking with the tried-and-true split system. As it turns out, there are plenty of situations where a ductless A/C system wins out. Here are four scenarios that make installing a ductless system worthwhile.

1. Your Home Lacks the Space for Ductwork 

Homes need space for HVAC ductwork. Some homes, especially vintage homes built before the rise of central A/C systems, lack the space needed to fit ductwork for a traditional split A/C system. Some alternatives, such as a mini-duct system, still require a significant amount of space while offering its fair share of compromises, including increased noise.

True to its name, ductless A/C systems eliminate the need for ducts by equipping each conditioned space with its own indoor air handler. These indoor air handlers also offer greater flexibility when it comes to their positioning, which means they can be mounted nearly anywhere without intruding upon your living spaces.

2. Your Home Is Too Small for Central A/C

More and more people are opting for homes with a drastically smaller footprint than traditional homes. These so-called "tiny houses" are truly tiny – usually around 100 to 400 square feet in overall size – and many of them are fitted on trailers for added mobility. This means the average split HVAC system will be a tight fit for many of these homes – if they can fit at all.

Ductless A/C systems take up significantly less space than their split system counterparts. As an added bonus, both the indoor and outdoor portions are wall-mounted, giving your tiny home greater mobility compared to a split system with a stationary outdoor cabinet.

3. You Want Individual Climate Control in Each Room

Ductless A/C systems also offer the opportunity to create a zoned climate control system, with each "zone" inside your home equipped with its own indoor air handler. This allows occupants to have complete control of their comfort without affecting other rooms.

4. You've Added on Another Room to Your Home

Expand your home also means expanding your A/C system's reach, which can prove difficult if you're not able to extend your existing HVAC system's ductwork. Compared to traditional split A/C systems, ductless units offer easier expansion with less room needed for the required hardware.

Ductless A/C systems aren't ideal for every situation, but they're the right choice when it comes to the above scenarios mentioned.