Considerations When Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System

Investing in upgrading your air conditioning system can be a major undertaking. Due to the variety of options and the general complexity of modern air conditioning systems, there are some important considerations that may go overlooked during the planning process for this project.

Upgrade To A Central HVAC System

If your home is currently equipped with window units, you could enjoy sizable benefits from upgrading to a central HVAC system. Window units can be extremely inefficient, and they may lack sufficient cooling power for your home. In addition to being able to effectively cool the entire home, a central air conditioning system can also improve the air circulation in your home. Lastly, a central air conditioning system will likely increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

Consider Zoning Your Home

It is likely that you will have different preferred temperatures for the various areas of the home. For example, keeping the attic or basement air conditioned will likely be less important than ensuring the living and bedrooms are comfortable. A zoned air conditioning system can help you to more efficiently direct the cool air from the system. This will enable you to avoid wasting energy on cooling unimportant areas of the home.

 Be Mindful Of The Cooling Output Of Potential Systems

Balancing the cooling output of your new system with the actual needs of the home will be another consideration that should be given ample thought. Choosing a system that is poorly sized for your home can result in ineffective cooling or wasted energy. Most air conditioning systems will be labeled with their cooling output as measured in square footage. When considering the square footage of your home, you should consider the space of the home as opposed to the primary living areas. Otherwise, you may choose a system that is underpowered for your particular needs.

Review The Features You May Want Your New System To Have

Modern air conditioning systems have a variety of additional features that may be included with them. Individuals living in areas with extremely dry air may wish to opt for an air conditioner that is outfitted with a humidifier. Smart thermostats can be another beneficial feature due to allowing you to more precisely control the settings of the system. Individuals with chronic breathing problems may want a system that incorporates additional air filtration to ensure the interior air quality is high. Creating a thorough list of the most important features for your comfort can provide guidance when evaluating potential air conditioning replacement systems.