How To Maintain The Condenser And Evaporator

The condenser and evaporator in a typical HVAC system are connected and dependent on each other. Typically, if a condenser is not doing its job, the evaporator will also not be reaching maximum efficiency (and vice versa). Both of these units consume electricity while they are working, so it is very important that you try to maintain them if you want to keep down your heating bills. The condenser is usually the simplest thing to service on your entire HVAC system. However, many people don't even know where the condenser is, or how to clean it. This article explains how homeowners can easily clean the condenser unit without even using any tools or supplies. The work can often be handled with just a hose.

Fixing Your Condenser Coils

Most owners don't realize that the condenser unit is actually connected to the air conditioner cabinet. The actual air conditioner which is on the outside of a building is where the condensing takes place. In fact, it is the outside walls of the A/C cabinet where the condenser coils are. These coils are just the outer shell of unit, but they are vital. In fact, the condenser unit is actually inside the walls of the cabinet, and it is surrounded by the metal sheets that are visible.

The sheets are called coils, and they line both the inside and outside walls of the unit. The coils on the outside get dirty more frequently, and they also can get smashed and flattened. So, the most important step in good condenser unit maintenance is making sure that the coils are clean and straight. You can straighten your coils manually with a flat tool like a screwdriver, but there are coil cleaning brushes you can purchase. These are only needed for condensers that have a lot of flattened coils. Even before you straighten the coils, you should first just clean them out with a hose. Forcefully spraying out dirt from in between the coils will improve normal operation and reduce electricity consumption.

As you can see, condenser maintenance is really simple, and you should not be afraid to do it. Cleaning your condensers will definitely improve your system. This maintenance will enable your evaporator, and entire A/C system, to work more efficiently without even having to spend much time or money. It is smart to clean your condenser at least once a year to ensure efficient operation.

If you have questions about A/C repair or maintenance, reach out to a local company.