Answering Two Frequent Heating Questions For Homeowners

Problems with your heating system can be among the most disruptive issues that your household can experience. Often, these issues can be a product of homeowners having a lack of information when it concerns these systems. Therefore, making an effort to learn more about residential heating systems and the problems that they can experience may help you to avert some of these issues.

Why Would A Heating System Create Banging Noises?

Banging sounds coming from the heater when it is being used can be a warning sign of potentially serious problems for the system. Often, this issue will stem from problems with the blower. This part of the heating system is designed to distribute the heated air through the ducting in the home. Misalignments, a lack of lubricant, and physical damage to the blower's motor can all contribute to the system suffering from this disruptive and damaging issue.

Continuing to run the heating system without addressing these issues can result in substantial damages to the unit. When you notice that your heating system is experiencing this problem, you may want to avoid using it until you have it repaired by a trained technician. If these problems arise during the middle of the night or other times when it may take a repair technician a day or longer to arrive, you should deploy space heaters to warm the areas of the home where you spend the most time.

What Is Needed For Ducting Maintenance?

The ducting is often one of the parts of the heating system that is easiest to neglect. However, improperly caring for your ducting can significantly reduce your system's heating efficiency and lower the quality of the air inside your home. Air quality problems arise when dust and other particulate matter starts to gather in the ducting. Minimizing the effects of this routine issue will involve changing your air filters each filter and having the ducting professionally cleaned every few years.

Improving the energy efficiency of your ducting can be possible through sealing it and adding insulation around it. Gaps can be extremely prevalent in ducting systems, which can contribute to heat loss. Additionally, convective cooling can also be a loss of heat when the ducting goes through under-insulated areas of the house. By hiring an HVAC repair professional to clean and make these upgrades to the ducting, you can greatly improve the comfort of your house while reducing your overall energy expenses during the harsh and lengthy winters.