2 Simple Ways Your Home Setup Can Help Improve Your AC Efficiency

The efficiency of a central air conditioning unit can be improved with regular maintenance and seasonal checkups from an air conditioning repair technician. You can also help your air conditioner run more efficiently by changing some of your settings and arrangements indoors. These indoor tips include simple tasks you can do in a few minutes to better optimize your home for your cooling system.

Here are two ways your home setup can help improve your air conditioner efficiency.

Thermostat Positioning

Your indoor thermostat senses the interior temperature and determines when the cooling system needs to activate based on your desired temperature. If the thermostat isn't properly positioned in your home, the temperature reading can be less than accurate for the temperature in the majority of your home. This can cause your unit to run far more or less than it should based on average temperatures inside.

What is the best location for your thermostat? You want to avoid any areas that can give faulty readings such as near windows with direct sunlight, close to the kitchen where the stove heats up the room, or directly above an air vent.

You should place the thermostat on an interior wall in a room where your family spends most of its time such as a living room – making sure you avoid any of the above-mentioned sources of heat or cold air. This setup uses the most populated common room to set the bar for the temperature throughout the house.

Curtains Closed, Interior Doors Open

Help keep your interior cooler by keeping the blinds and/or curtains closed during the hottest times of the day. Keeping the blinds closed can keep you away from turning down the temperature throughout the day, as the sun gets hotter.

You might think that closing the interior doors will further help your system run more efficiently. It stands to reason that each room vent will have an easier time if the room is shut off so that vent can do its full job.

But closing all of your interior doors can actually throw your air conditioning system out of balance.  The unit is designed to cool your whole home, and the venting in each room isn't necessarily setup to optimally cool that room and that room alone.

Combine these tips with regular checkups from an HVAC technician like American Heating & Air, and you should enjoy an efficient air conditioner system for years to come.