3 Options For A Segmented House Layout With Inefficient Cooling

Homes with open layouts or little square footage are easy for even inefficient cooling systems to keep comfortable. But large homes with more rooms and a more segmented floor plan layout can create cooling difficulties even with a central air conditioning system.

If certain areas of your home remain uncomfortable despite the presence of central ac, here are a few options to help improve your interior cooling. Contact your local HVAC technician for more details.

Ductless Mini-Split Unit

A ductless mini-split unit involves an outdoor condensing unit similar to a central air conditioner. But instead of pumping the air through ducts in the walls and out through vents, a ductless system pumps air directly out wall or ceiling mounted dispersal units. Those units connect directly outside to receive power from the condensing unit.

A mini-split system allows you to setup different cooling zones in your home for more efficient and customizable cooling. The mini-split is also designed to reverse as a furnace so you wouldn't need a freestanding furnace further taking up room in your segmented floor plan.

Installing a ductless mini-split might only be practical if your current central air unit has died and needs replacing. But if cost isn't a concern, a ductless mini-split investment could save you time and money in the long run.

Window Air Conditioners

If you need to keep the central unit but are suffering in certain sweltering rooms, consider the strategic use of window air conditioners. Make sure each unit is rated to cool at least the number of square feet in its applicable room. But there are further ways you can make the units more efficient.

Make sure the area around the air conditioner is well insulated so that you don't leak cold air outside. Keep the unit on the lowest setting possible and combine with a ceiling fan to better circulate the air without driving up your power bill.

If the room itself has a segmented layout, use room curtains to separate off sections to help the units better cool the space.

Portable Air Conditioners

Window units require that you have a window large enough to safely support the weight and width of the unit. If you have a room or rooms that don't meet that window requirement, consider using a portable air conditioner.

Portable air conditioners can sit on the floor or on a small table and put out air directly from the front the same way as a window air conditioner, but smaller. A portable unit does still need a window for its vent hose but the window can be fairly small and still work.

Portable units are also great when your cooling needs change, such as requiring extra cooling in a populated room during a holiday party.

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