Four Chores That Need To Be Done To Reduce Your Cooling Costs During Heatwaves

With the summer heatwaves, cooling costs can be expensive. The energy you use for your AC may even be more than necessary. Many maintenance tasks need to be done to ensure your AC is working efficiently, such as changing the air filter regularly. You may also want to clean the heat pump and check mechanical parts for problems. Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your AC running during a heatwave:

1. Changing The Air Filter, Cleaning Ducts And Checking Airflow

The air filter is one of the most important components of your AC. It can keep debris and dust out of your home. Air filters do not only keep air clean, but also help to improve performance. They keep the dust off the parts that can reduce efficiency. This is why it is important to change your air filter. You can also have the filter cleaned and check vents to ensure that they are open and not restricting airflow.

2. Cleaning The Outdoor Unit And Heat Pump

The outdoor unit or heat pump of your AC can be affected by dirt that gets inside of it. If you have a system with nearby trees, cleaning the leaves out can help to reduce strain on your system. It is especially important to keep the heat pump clean during heatwaves because this can cause unnecessary strain to your air conditioning.

3. Checking Coil And Mechanical Parts For Freezing

There are also mechanical parts that can be damaged during a heatwave. The coil is what cools the air, and when it gets dirty, condensation can form and cause freezing. The frozen coil can cause the compressor to overheat and be damaged. Make sure that the coil is clean and that there is not debris around these parts of your AC.

4. Reducing The Thermostat Settings To Prevent Additional Stress

The thermostat of your system can also contribute to your AC problems during a heatwave. If it is extremely hot outside, try turning the temperature up to reduce strain on your system. This can reduce how much energy is needed to cool your home. It can also help prevent problems with the AC not turning off during extreme heat.

These are some tips that can help to keep your AC running during a heatwave. If your AC is in need of maintenance, contact a duct cleaning service to have your system serviced and cleaned to ensure it is cooling during even the hottest days.