How To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Dealing with heat and the high energy bills of running your air conditioner can be hard, but when you don't have access to cool air in your home, it can be downright miserable. Here are some helpful tips for handling the heat and staying cool without an air conditioner.

Spray the Sheets With Cold Water

While you can go somewhere cool during the day when the heat gets hard to deal with, there isn't much escape at night. If you are having trouble sleeping due to the heat and the fans are just blowing hot air around the room, try misting your sheets. Use cold water from a spray bottle to mist your pillow case and the fitted sheets you are laying on. You don't want them damp, but just lightly misted with cold water so you can cool off a little while lying down.

Know When to Open and Close the Windows

There are certain times of the day to leave the windows opened and closed when you don't have access to air conditioning. In general, they should be open at night when it is cold outside, and closed during the day when it is hot. By doing this, you let in the cold air, and keep it in as much as possible during the day. However, there are some exceptions. Sometimes on hot days, it is actually hotter inside than outside. On these days, open your windows if there is a nice breeze. This can cool it off by a few degrees during the day, especially if you are sitting next to a window.

Drink Hot Beverages

While it may seem like it does the opposite, drinking hot liquids can actually help you when you're hot. The reason is because when drinking hot beverages, it helps to warm you up. As your body heat rises, you will discover that you are able to handle the heat a lot easier.

Use a Portable Air Conditioner

Just because you don't have access to a central air conditioner doesn't mean you can't use cold air at all. There are portable air conditioners that provide excellent cooling power in the room where you are sitting. The stand-alone units are easy to move to different rooms, so this allows you to keep it in the living room during the day and bedroom at night. There are also window units if you don't mind keeping it in just one room. There are some high-powered window AC units that are very effective.

If you have central air conditioning, but have been having problems with it, it is time to call a heating and air conditioning technician. They can make the repairs for you and you will have a much more comfortable summer.