3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Isn't Cold

Is your air conditioner blowing air that just isn't cold enough? Is your air conditioning system not keeping your home at your desired temperature? A malfunctioning air conditioner can certainly be a frustrating experience, especially during the warm summer months. There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner may not be cooling your home properly, even if there is airflow coming out of the vents. Some of these issues require simple fixes. Others are more complex. Here are three of the biggest reasons why an air conditioner may not be cooling your airflow:

The thermostat is in the "on" position. Most thermostats have three settings: on, off, and auto. If you put the thermostat in the auto setting, the air conditioner and fan will kick on and off as needed, making sure that you only get cool air when the home's temperature is above the desired temperature. However, if you have it set to the on position, your fan will run continuously, regardless of whether cool air is needed or not.

If you feel air coming out of the vents, but the air isn't cool, it could be because you have the thermostat in the on position. You're in a period where you don't need cool air, so the air conditioner isn't working. However, air is still coming out because you have the fan set to on. Instead, try setting it to auto. That way, both the fan and the air conditioner will only be on when needed.

The filter is dirty. Your air conditioner works by pulling warm air from your home and then running that air over coils in the air conditioner unit. The coils cool the air before the fan pushes the air into the home. Before the air goes over the coils, though, it must pass through a filter to remove any dirt and other contaminants. A filter can get dirty quick, which is why it's important to change them regularly.

If your filter is too dirty, air won't pass through the filter and go over the cooling coils. That means your fan is simply pushing regular warm air into your home. Try changing the filter and see if that fixes the problem.

The coils are damaged. Over time, coils can accumulate dirt and other debris. They can also simply break down and stop working properly. If the problem isn't solved by changing the filter or adjusting the thermostat, it's likely that you have a problem with the coils inside the unit. This is an issue that you'll need a professional AC repair technician to resolve.

Contact air conditioning services, like Atlantic Heating and Cooling, in your area. They can come out and inspect your unit and fix the issue for you.